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• Petrochemical • lron & Steel • Construction • Food lndustry
• Machinery lndustry • Automative • Marine • Heavy Equipment

About US

Ketefsan was founded in 1999 for producing high quality products from engineering plastics for all industrial applications.

KETEFSAN is basicly performing design and manufacturing of finished (rod, tube, sheet form) standart and custom made - for purpose products of ENGINEERING PLASTICS in scope of State-of-Art Machining, according to drawings and samples with highest tolerances.

Also performing design and manufacturing of specific products as spare parts for ELECTROSTATIC POWDER COATING and EMANEL POWDER COATING GUNS.

Technical rubber products ; particularly sealing elements used in various industries have been added to our product range by 2015.

With our customer oriented concept; We deliver the most convenient solutions like production, technical service and consultation to our customers by our experince in manufacturing, proven quality and innovative engineering approach.

KETEFSAN extends the product range and production capacity every day with its investments on manufacturing.

Grow Your Business with Ketefsan

Our mission is to fulfill the expectations of our customers at highest level by developing our product and service quality continously and cretaing strong emotional bonds for generating customer loyalty.

Vision Our vision is to become a pioneer, trustworthy company which increases it's productivity and industrial efficiency constantly at our domestic and global market.

Your Global Partner

With all our experience in state - of - art machining; we produce globally proved quality and trust

  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Sincerity
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Trust

Quality Policy

Increasing the quality and customer awarenes of our personel by paying attention to education and communication. Meeting the expectations of our customers by consantly increasing and improving the quality of our products. Our quality policy is ;maintaining constant improvment by being in comfirmity with the regulations - laws and applying standarts of Quality Management System.
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